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"Larry. Listen to me. Ms. Oakbridge is a 40 year old woman who weighs well over 125 kilos. This is a college girl who weighs half that."

Amanda stood in the middle of Ms. Oakbridge's opulent office, her foot tapping against the plush carpet. She stared down at Larry, Ms. Oakbridge's assistant, as he stood over a twisted mass of flesh.

The young girl stared back, her face flushed red in humiliation. She was laying on her back on the thick plush carpeting, her legs spread in a wide V above her, her hands grasping tightly just below her ankles. She made no effort to hide her nudity, instead she seemed to twitch and rock her hips every so often, seemingly inviting Amanda to look and touch.

"I know Miss, But she called me on my personal hotline." Larry said, pleading. "Only Ms. Oakbridge knows that number."

Amanda glanced at the girl's mouth, which was covered in a strange gel. "She called you? What did she say?"

"'Mmmnph' Mostly, Ma'am."

She sighed, looking over at Larry. "Larry, why is she naked?"

"I tried, Miss, I really did." He muttered, blushing. "But watch what happens."

Amanda looked on, fascinated, as Larry tossed a small hand towel in the air above the naked girl. It fell slowly, landing right on the young girl's bare pussy.

Without a sound, it turned to dust and vanished.

"Wha..." Amanda muttered to herself, her mind spinning.

"Happens with anything, Ma'am." Larry said, nodding. "T-shirts, towels, anything."

Amanda nodded. "Larry, does anyone else know this girl is here?"

"No Ma'am."

Amanda stepped over the naked woman. "Listen. This is not Ms. Oakbridge. This is some sort of weird prank. You are not to tell anyone about this, do you understand?"

"Y... yes Ma'am."

Amanda ignored the muffled grunts of protest and the squirming from beside her. "You are to go get David and Markos, and send them up here. You are to then go take an early lunch. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am." Larry said as he bowed and retreated from the room. "But... are you absolutely certain that this isn't Ms. Oakbridge?"

"Larry, I've worked with her for 10 years. She's an old fat hag. This is some college bimbo. She might be a Oakbridge family member, but I'd know Janice Oakbridge if I saw her. This isn't her."

"Ok Ma'am. Sorry for bothering you, Ma'am."


Amanda calmly stepped over the prone form, smiling to herself. The grunts of protest died down as she plucked a box of tissues off Ms. Oakbridge's desk. She then turned and looked down at the prone girl.

"My, Janice, who knew you were so flexible?" She laughed down at the girl, who looked briefly shocked. "Don't be surprised. I'd know those hateful eyes anywhere."

Amanda started plucking tissues out of the box, letting them fall one at a time to Janice's skin, where they vanished instantly. Amanda smiled at the sight.

"So, in the three weeks you've been gone, there have been a few... changes around here." Amanda said, tossing tissues as she spoke. "The board is actually in a meeting right now. I have it on good authority that they'll be voting you out, and me in."

Janice Oakbridge glared upwards at the woman in her office, saying nothing.

"Originally, we were going to have you declared missing. Tragically lost at sea or somesuch. I already forged the documents." Amanda smiled. "Having you suddenly return is a bit of a problem, though."

Janice did nothing, instead silently flexing her hips as she stared upwards.

"You see, I have enough votes to be made Chairman, but you returning, that might put the vote in jeopardy." Amanda grinned. "But in your current condition, I think this will work to my advantage."

Janice flexed her neck as Amanda kneeled next to her.

"Tell me, is it true that you feel like you're being teased all the time," Amanda smiled as she ground a tissue into Janice's wet and greedy honeypot, Janice flinching slightly as her hips pressed against the hand almost against her will. Amanda pulled her hand away, and the damp tissue silently vanished. "But you just can't cum?"

The naked woman took a sharp breath, her pupils constricting.

"You see, you're not the first girl they found like this. There are a few of them on TV. You see that glue on your hands and mouth? No one can figure out how to remove it. At all." Amanda smirked as she gently lay a tissue over Janice's face, which vanished the second she let go. Janice didn't even blink.

"And this thing with clothing? They can't figure out what causes it, and can't figure out how to stop it." Amanda made a show of looking up and down Janice's exposed body. "You're going to be naked, horny, and on display. Forever."

Janice's breath came in a short burst as she blanched slightly.

Amanda grinned. "We could probably make billions if I sent you down to R&D for a while. Let the eggheads try and figure it out. We could make Police Uniforms that make bullets and knives vanish before they get within a few feet. Or a youth drug that can take 40 year old slugs and turn them into University age beauties."

The naked woman said nothing.

"But you see, they might actually figure out a way to break the glue, or someone might get the bright idea to let you use some assistant to talk to the board or something." Amanda grinned. "And that really doesn't work for my career plan, you see."

Amanda tossed the last tissue down, it floated down to Janice's breasts and disappeared.

"My, that's fun. The idea of the great Janice Oakbridge, trapped naked and horny, unable to do anything other than wait and hope for someone to fuck her like an animal." She grinned. "No, I think instead of a leadership role you are destined for our Saskatchewan logging operation. You remember Saskatchewan, right? All those trees and not much else, out in the middle of nowhere, with all those horny, strapping, lonely lumberjacks and fishermen?"

Amanda smirked at the look of horror and hatred in Janice's eyes.

"Oh, come now, Janice." Her smile relaxed. "You didn't really expect us to let you sit in on board meetings like this, did you? What would we do, prop you up on milk crates and let everyone stare at your pussy at you while you tried to take notes with your toes? Maybe pay interns to play with you until you calm down every few hours?"

Just then, two men walked in the room.

"Ah, just who I wanted to see." Amanda smiled, placing the empty box of tissues down on the ground. "Markos, David, this is a no questions asked situation. Markos, get me a cart and help me carry this girl into the Board meeting. David, go get the company jet ready for takeoff."

"Yes, Ma'am." David muttered as he turned immediately around. Markos said nothing as he followed.

"Now little girl, we're going to go have a little chat with the board members." Amanda grinned as she ran a finger up and down Janice's dripping nethers, laughing out loud as Janice moaned, her hips helplessly bucking.

"I already have it written out in my head. 'A long term sabbatical due to medical reasons.' No one will question it until it's too late. And after that, your... sorry, my private jet will take you straight to your new life as an 'employee benefit' in Saskatchewan, where you will be forgotten, trapped, and fucked senseless for the rest of your days."

Janice began to squirm violently, her voice coming out as muffled screams.

"Oh, be quiet dear." Amanda grinned as she gently placed a hand on Janice's cheek. "It's just good business sense."

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