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Questions and Answers by Grigbertz


How is DNA collected?

The genetic samples consist of sperm from human males and is always collected personally by an alien, who will add the sample to its personal collection. Receptor girls are prepared with transportation wormhole foci. The collector can appear next to the girl by moving through an activated wormhole gate. The collection must be performed while the girl is unattended as the alien cannot use protection force fields when collecting.

This is also an important reason why the girls must remain glued and helpless. The aliens wouldn't go near them otherwise as they greatly fear being poked.

What is the liquid coming out of the returned girl?

Mostly Nano-goo. Sometimes excitement causes a receptor girl to produce excess amounts of goo. In this case however (as Tuft noted) the nearby clothing store provided a bonus opportunity to place some glue traps.

What has the nanites done to the reporter?

The trap caused an invisible, molecule-thick layer of nano-goo to stick to her crotch and nipples. Any clothing near those areas instantly dissolves while other clothes are unaffected. The nanites protect her from aging, disease and injury just as the receptor girls. She feels the same tingling and itching on her breasts and pussy as them. To get relief from this she must get someone to touch her as the nanites will sting her hands if she tries to touch herself.

The reporter really likes fine clothing. Being still able to use clothes as long as they don't cover the goo-ed areas, she tries do dress as nicely as possible rather than becoming a naturist.

Later on she often will have receptor girls as guests on her talk show and will campaign against mistreatment of them. The show employs a full-time gag-talk interprter.

For a civilization with a strict moral code, aren't the aliens rather ruthless towards their captured girls?

Problem is, the aliens have a large blind spot when it comes to understanding humans and their great diversity. Being clone copies the aliens are much more similar to each other than humans. Whatever feeling or opinion an alien might have, it can safely assume that its neighbor is in agreement. Concepts like "personal integrity", "consent", "free will", "individual rights", etc. are incomprehensible to them.

The aliens use advanced bio-scanners to monitor the health of their girls. Emotional distress felt by the captives is usually cancelled out by the improved physical well-being and sexual excitement caused by the nanites. The bio-scan tend to show the receptor girls happy with their situation.

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