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Bad girl in snow.
Bad girl in snow.

Bondage witchery is a fantasy central to much of Grigbertz work. The basic premise is that a beautiful girl has a lot of magical power, something she can sometimes use herself or that is controlled by others. This article will reefer to bondage witches as female, but that is not necessarily so. Depending on your fantasies, a bondage witch can of course be male, tough you will find few bondage warlocks at Grigbertz'.


What is a Bondage Witch?

Depending on the setting and magical tradition, a bondage witch can be many things. Here are some examples.

Captive Witch

A sorceress who is controlled by her bonds, but who would still be at full power if freed. This is generally the most unwilling and dangerous type of bondage witch and needs to be tightly controlled at all times.

Bound Witch

A sorceress who's powers derive wholly or partially from physical restraint. Freed of the distractions of her physical body, such a witch can focus her power to a greater degree when bound. This does not imply that she is submissive, a sorceress of this tradition can practice self-bondage.

Submissive Witch

A sorceress who's powers derive from submission. To this kind of witch, bondage is a symbol of her submission, and the submission frees her latent powers.

Enslaved Witch

The loser in a power contest, bound, harnessed, enslaved, and sometimes used as a power battery by her mistress. Such a captive witch loses her powers, which strengthen her captor. As a favor, her Mistress might let her have a bit of power back to act as her agent.

Power Origin

All bondage witches use magic, but magic can be more than one thing. Bondage witchery is a method rather than a power origin, and can draw its power from many sources.


Arcane power is learned magic, codified and taught to talented individuals. A wizard plays the forces of the universe like the strings of a lyre.

The learned mage might practice self-bondage to free her astral self from physical limitations, as noted for the Bound Sorceress above. Some secret meditations might require restraint to learn the lesson fully. Once captured and properly bound, she might find her powers bursting from inside, taking all her art to just contain her newfound powers.


Chi or Ki is the power of inner harmony and concentration, as practiced in mysticism and martial arts.

Perhaps the least likely of all origins to foster bondage witches. A bound martial artist is pretty pointless. Still, Chi traditions have the idea that physical restraint frees inner power, and submission in various forms can also act as a vehicle of enlightenment.


Sorcery here is magical power coming from inside the sorceress, gifts or an inheritance rather than learned. A sorceress taps into her own inner power to work magic, and this becomes easier the more emotionally involved you are.

Bondage stimulates the emotions of the sorceress, be it fear, resentment, vengeance, excitement, or blissful submission. From this release comes magical power, and the bound sorceress might well orgasm in the middle of each magical release.


Spiritual power is the power of gods, spirits and the community. A channeler acts as a conduit and agent for higher beings.

The bound saint is a sacrifice or martyr, bound by infidels but still showing her divine power or bound by the faithful as a sacred sacrifice. Flagellation, ecstatic visions, and religious excess are hallmarks of the cults that practice bondage witchery.


Bondage witchery might seem alien to technology, but what is a safety belt other than a restraint device?

Technological devices, armor and vehicles in particular, can be designed with a fetish mindset. The operator of a machine acts trough the machine - there is no need for you to move your own body, and in the case of vehicles it is often much safer to be restrained than to bounce around freely inside the vehicle. To truly be a "witch" requires that this be coupled with some kind of supernatural power, but "bondage pilot" or "bondage warrior" is good enough for many of us.


Psychic power is often just the name used for the magic of Science Fiction. When it is not a cover for one of the above categories, it tends to be very introspective and soul-searching.

Psychic powers are often hindered by physical distractions, and thus psychics are the most likely to practice some form of self bondage.

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