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A typical Magic School Catgirl Ecchi Anime
or the backstory for a couple of player characters in the RPG campaign "Curse of the Crimson Throne"

Antyzak, a know-it-all nerd-boy wizardry student and house monitor confiscates a dangerous summoning scroll pilfered by a fellow student. The scroll seems to be for summoning a succubus, presumably from hell, as this is the dominating tradition locally. He cannot resist taking a peek a the scroll contents and ends up completing the spell. A naked cat girl appears, bound in magical chains. Her unearthly sexiness is indeed that of a succubus.

The cat girl is remarkably perky and friendly although her language is a bit hard to understand. She is however not happy about the student's unwillingness to become more intimate. Antyzak is attracted to her but fears for his immortal soul should he give in to temptation. Even worse, his pride would take a hit as his often vocalized opinion of devil-worshipers is "weak-willed deluded fools". Also having read the stolen scroll he imagines himself being expelled if found out.

Hilarity ensues.


Neya the catgirl is a half Human, half Rakshasa changeling raised in Feywild.

Being chaotic good herself she doesn't fit in well with the lawful evil tribe. Lately they have begun to assert their control by restraining in magical chains her whenever she goes into heat. To make matters worse, as a half human she seems to be in heat most of the time. The chains can only be unlocked when she is cooled down. Of course the tribe won't let her have sex, saving her virginity for whatever. It's time to run away from home.

Neya has a gift for making friends. One of them is a funny little gnome who pops in to visit now and then. For some reason the proud rakshasas act very respectful towards him, but Neya finds him jolly and easygoing. Like her, he's also full of mischief.

Eventually she confides her situation to the gnome, who makes up a plan to help her by putting her true name in a summoning scroll. Reading this scroll on Earth would summon the catgirl from Feywild.

Being an Arch-wizard and the headmaster of a wizardly college on Earth the gnome has the means to make the summoning permanent and also protect her from her tribe. This however requires all ties to Feywild to be cut, including her memories of the place. Neya has no problem agreeing to this as those memories aren't that great anyway.

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