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Campaign based on the Chain Girls story line.

Water Quest

Three-session RPG story arc, involving Cecilia and Elise.


After the space ship crash, the Chain Girls had ventured into a nearby cave system in search of water and shelter. While immersed in the cave water, they were assaulted by some kind of magical parasitic semi-immaterial water creatures, who seemed to enter them and merge with them.

As we will see, this had some rather odd effects on the girls.


Cecilia felt cold as she and Elise left the dark cave water, still chained together at the neck by the Slavers' chains.

There was a narrow shore between the now tranquil cave lake and the phosphorescent rock wall, and someone or some... thing had had a campsite there. Next to the old fire place were a pile of decaying trash, including some threadbare, torn rags.

Seeing how cold Cecilia were, Elise wiped her down as good as she could, using her tied hands, and then used the rags to cover Cecilia as much as she could.

But they had barely settled down to rest, when Cecilia started squirming - a little at first, then more and more violently. "Oh it itches, it itches so badly!... It burns! Get them off me! Oooh!"

As they managed to tear the rags away, they could see that the area around Cecilia's clit piercing was red, swollen and inflamed - and apparently itching like a bad case of poison ivy. Elise tried scratching at Cecilia behind her back, and Cecilia tried to rub herself against both Elise and the cave rock, but nothing brought relief.

They called in Jenny to look closer to the problem. How best to wash off whatever it was causing this problem? As they looked on the increasingly frantic Cecilia, they decided that trying to lick her clean might help.

And that it did. Jenny's tongue gave relief in more ways than one. Elise came hard from Jenny's ministrations. As she screamed her release towards the cave ceiling, something within her twisted, and in a flash of light Cecilia and Elise were suddenly gone.


As the girls came to, they found themselves in darkness once again, but with a breeze blowing from somewhere across the bare skin. The echo from the cave walls were gone, and a large emptiness seemed to be around them.

But they were stuck. More stuck than the chains had done, unable to move arms and legs as if they were encased in something - something hard, cold and unyielding. They could still feel each others warm skin, and the chains between their necks were as firmly connected as always.

As they tried to take stock of their situation, a faint warm glow appeared, growing increasingly stronger and brighter.

It was dawn. They were on the surface.

Far, far across what looked like desert, they could see mountains. Surrounding them were yellowing, dried-up palm trees, and round stone huts with palm-leaf roofs.

The girls were stuck half-way into the wall of one of the huts. Somehow they had teleported so that they were partly encapsulated by one of the boulder-size stones at the bottom of the wall.

From somewhere inside the hamlet, at the other side of the hut, they could hear jabbering voices greet the dawn. They did not sound human...


Suddenly something came around the hut into the girls' view. It was a ball, rolling along the ground, bouncing and skipping. Running behind the ball was a small blue lizard, followed by a quarreling group of similar beings, pushing, shoving and tail-tripping each other in eager pursuit.

The first lizard came to a dead stop as it discovered the stuck girls, and the pursuers piled onto it in a happily fighting scrum. It took some harsh yipping and much showing of a long gap of sharp crocodile teeth for it to get out of the bottom and the pile and direct the others attention at the girls.

The lizards formed an irregular wide-eyed gaggle, studying the spectacle with curiosity. Finally the first lizard took a few tentative steps towards the girls, and started to point and order the other lizards around, apparently appointing itself leader. At its directions, the other small lizards formed a pyramid against the wall, allowing the leader to climb to the top and reach Elise and Cecilia.

It gently probed the girls with a sharp-clawed fingers, examining those folds of skin that were within easy reach. As it rubbed the inside of Elise's pussy lips with it's claws, the sudden increase in wetness seemed to attract some serious attention. The lizard extended a long, divided tongue from its snout, and greedily started licking at the attractive moisture. The lizard increased the intensity of its ministrations as more and more liquid was produced.

As Elise was more and more stimulated, she could feel a pressure building up inside her. It started as something like a full bladder, but soon increased to a pressure that was greater and more irresistible than anything she had felt before. As the lizard's tongue eventually made her come, she just had to release that pressure.

It left her in a strong, wide jet of water, gallon upon gallon of water - more water than could reasonably fit within her body. The force of the gush knocked over the lizard pyramid and made the lizards tumble heads over tails. They lay briefly on the ground in the growing puddle, until they shook off their stun and an intense jabbering arose between them.

The lead lizard apparently took command again, and sent of some of his companions running. The remainder uneasily watched the water soak into the dry ground.

After some time, the messengers reappeared, dragging a larger, almost human-sized lizard along. This one was wearing a head-dress of feathers, a large feathered cloak, and small talismans of bone, stone and pottery - apparently a shaman of some kind. Other lizards of the same size anxiously hesitated in the background.

The leader of the small lizards jabbered to the shaman, frequently pointing to first the girls, then the evaporating puddle. Again he made the other small lizards form a pyramid, and started to stimulate Elise with its flickering tongue. Elise could feel the pressure grow anew, and when she finally came, a similar flow of water erupted.

This caused large consternation among the lizards, large as well as small. The shaman quickly brought them to order though, and set the others scurrying. They soon returned with clay urns, pots and vases - anything that could hold water.

A third attempt to stimulate Elise failed to produce the required result, though. It seemed like her reservoir was exhausted for the moment. But the sharp-eyed tiny lizard noticed that Cecilia had the same interesting fleshy folds as Elise, and gave her its attention instead. The lizards quickly placed their pottery under the girls, to catch as much of the precious liquid as possible.

Cecilia found the same pressure growing inside her, and also produced a spectacular amount of water when she came. However, as she faced the other way, she sprayed both the wall and the unfortunate Elise with her wild torrent. In spite of this, the lizards managed to catch a respectable amount of water.

The shaman gave new orders, which this time made the other lizards fetch wooden shovels, rocks, and pieces of pottery. Soon he had them building a basin beneath the girls, sealed with clay that quickly hardened in the desert sun.

As soon as the basin was done, the small lizards were tasked with stimulating the girls as often as possible, filling it with life-giving water.


--- jotted notes for filling in later below this point---

Celebration of the days of plenty being brought back.

Major party. lots of fowl eaten.

Ends in orgy.

Some large lizards dare each other to get satisfaction from the girls. Lots of lizard acrobatics to hit the mark.


days pass, learning the language from shaman. lingustics.

Lizards story. Well has always had water for as long as lizards been here.

Now well run dry. Three brave warriors went in. Went missing.

Everything that can contain water filled. Rock chiseled down, girls freed.

It's the gods' will that they will bring back the water.

Down the Well

Sign from the gods.

phosphorescent paint. especially on holy parts.

lowered into well. half-sphere. aqueduct.

long walk. making water, controlling water. find acrobatic position that enables stimulation for water.

Traces of Those Gone Before

waterlock. lizard weapons and equipment in tidy piles.

long swim - can breathe /dont need to breathe (?)

dead lizards at intervals . brave, but they did not make it all the way.

Locks and Traps


Rotating satyr door.

Corridor with sacrificial images.

images metal men scared away with lightning bolts.

Metal-triggered trapdoor. Lightningbolts.

Chains go haywire.

Night spent. making gentle love.

Legchains disappearing.

hungry - discover milk production.

The Ruined Room

Old orgy room. Remains of furniture and feasts. lots of paintings on wall. Supplicant girls, get water from satyrs controlling it, orgy pictures.

Found items.

  • amphora of everlasting wine
  • Purse with flexible metal lips at its "mouth".
  • Dildo with wing-like hieroglyphs.
  • Harness, worn on mental command.

Cecilia pole-climbing with temporarily air-headed Elise.

beam-balancing same way.

Raging Water

the central wellspring. circular pool that gets water from beneath. dam-doors. catwalk around.

fallen satyr statue, broken -off head, missing. magic drips from neck. large penis.

magic makes water solidify. makes a tentacle. whips around, searching, tripping doors at random. finally makes water orifice, tentacle pumps into this, calms down, dissipates.

girls decide to enter water to investigate, but mistimes. water solidifies, tentacle appears, has its way with Cecilia. water calms faster, without violent phase. water unsolidify, girls can dive.

dive deep. head below. emanates magic too from neck - this creates the orifice that calms the tentacle.

must be imbalance - need to join head to neck.

how get head up? manage to stuff in bag of holding. feels weird for cecilia to pass so large object into her.

swim up. squat on chest, produce head. girls take turn using statue's dick, magic builds as Elise finish it off, repairs statue.

finds door behind the statue. Where might it lead? back to other girls, up to satyrs? if so, are they still there.

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