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Flax - the power tradition of Dino Girls.




Dark, curly hair.





Alphonso Navarra

Local archelogical authority. Elder Thing

Mary Ravenwood

Prim 40-year from US East Coast.

Dr Valerie Cooker


Elizabeth (Liz) Laplace

Room mate. Archeologist. (Time)

Elizabeth (Betty) Jove

Room mate. Linguist. (Mind)


Sonar operator. Part of the initial rite.

George (Jordi) Allen

Manager Geology. Transvestite.

Rita Sanchez

Biologist. Absent. Från Düsseldorf. (Life)


Meteorologist. Latina. (Air)

Caroline "Chill" Dexter

Action girl.

May "Bill" Dawson


Judy "Bull" Sweign



Sys admin.

Dr Ada Anderssen

Physician. (Life, Order)

Ida Folkesson

Hydrologist. (Water)

Mette Vanderkant

Veterinarian. (Death)

Veronique Asana

Photographer. (Illusion)

Konstance Sawyer

Archaeologist. First pregnancy. Pollen expert. (Plant, Flux)

Diisa Aloume

Singer. (Maneuver)

Cory Emerson

Reporter. (Charm)

Natalia Brocht

Anthropologist, witch. (Darkness)

Fawn Fuller

Photographer. (Spot)


Maya princess. (Impress)

External NPCs

Dieter Vanderbilt

Conservative archaeologist.


Welcome to the Jungle

Meeting Alphonso. Dinner. Kajsa given collar by Alphonso. Feeling odd after dinner. Various hanky-panky.

Plane ride to camp. Alphonso hurries ahead, and the girls fall behind. Lost.

Clothes lost in various animal incidents. Kajsa finds armcuffs at monkey tree. Aurora finds collar at Capybara's lair.

Arrive nude at camp. Sees some kind of rital - altar, torchlight.



Elevator to the Past

Down into cave. Investigate for dangers. Dressed in boots, gloves, helmets and swimsuits.

Winched down into pod. Aurora scared, Kajsa comforts her. Swimsuits lost.

Investigate artifacts. Aurora finds some nuts and seeds. Interesting relief of rain god Chaac hides sarcophagus.

Kajsa tries to get into touch with the stone, to investigate sarcophagus. Stuck.

Aurora tries to excite Kajsa to get her unstuck fails.

Liz and Beth arrives. Discuss ritual. Find whips.

Ritual. Extraordinary experience. Bonds becomes active. Statue becomes alive.

Chaac has sex with Kajsa and she gets into touch with earth, then Aurora who gets into touch with animals, and finally Liz. Beth runs away.

When Kajsa wakes up, she can makes metal glow. Aurora is in a coma. Beth is missing.

The Genesis Pit

Kajsa explores corridor. Soft rock turns into hard rock. branches. Vapour barrier. Fault-line, moved recently, connecting corridors.

Aurora wakes up in body of dinosaur (Troodon). Forages - giant beetles and fruit. Hears call for help. Body a bit unresponsive, but manages to persuade it. Finds soft, vulnerable exhausted creature - Beth. Protects it and feeds it with regurgitated fruit. Curls up, dozing. Beth manage to contact Aurora by touching the dinosaur.

Kajsa enters giant cave. Sunlight from above, ceiling covered with mists. Finds dinosaur, curled up around Beth. Aurora curls up around Kajsa too, and feeds her.

Investigating cave. Walking around cave. Notice very small populations of very diverse dinosaurs - not very natural.

Manage to contact Georgie through satellite link. Some info given. Aurora's unconscious body carried to camp hospital.

Notice square stone platform in center of cave. It's in a lake surrounded first by swamp and then savanna.

Sneaking across savanna, following small stream to avoid predator raptors. They notice the group, but is strangely non-hostile.

Into swamp. Humans wade, Aurora's dinosaur jump from tree to tree, climbing.

Finds abandoned nest. Kajsa tries to turn it into a boat, but fails at first. Aurora gives her some serious dinosaur tongue, and then she succeeds. Gets her arms locked up, though.

Drifts over to the stone platform. Hard, black rock. Ramps. Small stone huts with broken statues, strange raised roads, water pools filled from sluices - controlled through weird unknown mechanism. Aurora feels the scent of many dinosaur species at the pools.

Strange gold mace with diamond head. Figures out that dinosaurs are resupplied by breaking statues with the mace close to water-filled pool. Information for the species is contained within the broken statues.

Kajsa wants to experiment. Tries to open her mind to the rock to operate the sluice to fill a pool and then break a statue. But when trying to manipulate the stone she fails to do it, and get her feet locked. She tries to transfer her locks to Beth, but only manages to lock Beth (hand/foot/gag) without unlocking herself.

Night falls. Relocating to nest/raft. Falling asleep. Aurora loses contact with dinosaur and returns to her body.

Sleeping Kajsa and Beth are ambushed by lizard men. Carried upstream to temple, and tested by mock sacrifice. After test they are carried through tunnels and left on the surface. Discovered on the camp beach, and carried to the hospital.

Aurora wakes up in the hospital and discovers she has retractable claws.

The Crucible

Aurora has lunch, dressed. Talks with Bill and gets an invite to the campfire.

Kajsa arrives, nude and locked. Takes umbrage at Aurora is dressed, and uses her power over the cuffs to lock Aurora to a support pole. She then takes help from Toto in stripping Aurora. Aurora is then released in order to feed Kajsa.

Claw climbing experiments. Aurora locked when failing to climb.

Aurora has arranged with Rita to do an expedition to the volcano.

Georgie wants equipment brought to this volcano. 50 kg.

Going down to campfire. Chill already occupied with one of the Bill/Bull girls. Kajsa tries to observe, but inconclusive. Discussing cuffs with Chill.

Kajsa allows Chill to borrow Aurora. Locks Aurora up; Foot-rod, on stomach, ass raised. Aurora crawls up to Bull, licking her. Kajsa closes up behind Aurora.

After Aurora handles Bull, she gets to attend to Kajsa. While directing Aurora around, Kajsa gets unlocked.

The morning after, the girls wakes from the morning dew. Both are unlocked.

Expedition time. Georgie insists that the girls are properly dressed. Cannot strap backpacks to body - straps irritate. Carrying them on a pole instead. Meeting up with Rita and her jaguar. Kajsa has discarded her clothes, and now she tears Aurora's T-shirt from her body.

Discussing dinos, pregnancies, etc on the way up. Rita intrigued by the pregnancies. Rita has sen giant insects. Discussing the rising oxygen level. Oxygen intoxication while climbing. When Aurora greets the jaguar it's overly friendly, and Aurora lets it have its way with her.

Arriving at the crater. Rising vapor plume. Odd refraction effect - some kind of hovering water drops that concentrate sunlight and send it down the crater.

Deploying probes. Sending them down on thin wires. When pulling up one of the probe, a small pterosaur accompany it. Kajsa binds Aurora so that she can concentrate, and she charms the pterosaur.

Stones have high ratio of Iridum here.

Satellite tracking detects the weird refraction effect all over the world. 500, many false positives, but still...

Another similar phenomenon seem to spew some kind of gas all over the world.

Volcano + Ceremony


Volcano visit.

Religious ceremony. Water goddess. Moon mask.


Meeting with Mary. Mission to fly to Florida to pick up more people, together with Liz and Beth.

Experiment in pool - failed. Aurora locked herself. Bring Kajsa. Kajsa turns fossils into double-headed dildo. Sexual ceremony. Fossil turned into two-meter crayfish.

Kajsa tries experiments, and locks herself. She makes Aurora stronger, so that she can be carried.

Meeting workers on path. Revered, which turns both girls on. Lovemaking in tree.

Choosing clothes for journey.

  • Aurora and Kajsa, light summer dresses, no underwear.
  • Liz tennis-shirt + shorts, tennis shoes.
  • Beth short thin skirt, bikini top.

Airport. Mary gives Aurora a small parcel for delivery at the Conference Center in Orlando.

Alfonso meets up. Large plane. Salon in front, two stewardesses, two pilots. Drinks served.

Meeting in Orlando. Conferencing, skinny-dipping.

Dressup for dinner. Kajsa metal mesh, Aurora string-of-beads loincloth.

Ida Folkesson seduced and bound by Kajsa on beach.

Veronice Assance, fotographer, dressed just in illusionary butterfly wings, catches Aurora's interest. Aurora visits her room.

Weird orgy in plane. Alfonso makes loves to multiple passengers in parallel realities?


Aurora tied to tree, straddling tree root, by Kajsa. Merges consciousness with small bird.

Aurora spies on doctors who discuss pregnancies. Snake beings. 3-5 months to term? One of the archeologists, Constance Sawyer, was first.

Kajsa interviews people. Beth airsick, "bad feelings". Liz seduced many times during the incident.

Aurora's bird returns to Kajsa, and both return to Aurora's body. Cinnamon bun feeding. How to free Aurora from her tree root?

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