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Story synopsis

Enni becomes an apprentice to the warlock to develop her magical talent. It turns out he is more interested in abusing the pretty young girl than teaching her any magic. When Enni tries to leave, the Warlock binds her in magic chains and uses her as a sex toy. He uses her to entertain his guests and even teleports her to distant towns to use as bribe to powerful contacts.

Observing the warlock Enni concludes that he is not the brilliant magician she imagined. His spells and power items have been purchased with gold or gathered by threats, theft and robbery. Continuously chained up she is unable to get hold of any wand or focus item and thus unable to cast any spells of her own.

One day the Warlock gets a summon to a distant country. As he is about to leave he casts a fancy spell on the key to Enni's bonds. When the key turns to dust, he explains how his command word is now the only way to undo her indestructible magical bonds including the Gag of Sustenance (no need for food or drink). She'd better hope he makes it back.

Enni now has the entire mansion to herself for an indefinite period of time. She decides to explore the place to get the Warlock's stuff and her own magic going. Tied the way she is every meter is like a mile but she pushes on. The goofy looking flying pig chained to her collar begins to show sign of becoming a magic familiar.

Stuff happens in the mansion.

  • Blob chase
  • Magic brooms
  • How to negotiate stairs.
  • Finding a tied up succubus in the summoning room. Although quite agreeable, Enni still doesn't dare attempt to release her. Being tied up herself, the succubus would become the new master of the house.

Eventually Enni manages to recalibrate the Warlock Soul Crystal, which means he can no longer teleport home or send his life force back in case of serious trouble. She also picks up a few simple spells. e.g:

  • Grease. Glide along the floor.
  • Animate Object

A summoned band of imps help out with the books in the library. The book describing the Bondage Witch prestige class turns out to be really useful (The warlock bought it for the pictures). Enni expeiments with a teleport portal the warlock had used on her. This causes her derrière to appear at a distant location for some quick sex. She actually manages to use this to get a business contact in the city.

Meanwhile, the warlock meets an ignoble demise at the hands of Ariel the Swordbroad. At this point in time a gladiator in the Calipolis arena.

Enni remains inescapably bound as the only key is lost, but learns some new powerful spells:

  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy. Talk while gagged.
  • Remote sense
  • Remote Control Dominate

Further developments: Summoned by Ariel, who is friendly and helpful and offers Enni the Warlock's personal loot. Hiring adventurers for locating magic artefacts and general troubleshooting. Moving around in town is a tricky problem.

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