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Suggestions for new artwork from the visitors:

Mmmm... Spanking... -- Wolf Lord

Thorns, roses & naked flesh -- Isaac

Spanking is always nice, and whipping is even better. One of the nicest example is the nuns whipping sketch. It could be improved by having her hands tied up toghether, instead of apart.

In general, all your pictures are very artful, extremely well done and delightfully naughty. This stuff is on par with John Willie!

I also enjoy the humor, one of my long-time favourites is the scene from the movie set.

Keep drawing! -- Polyroper

Gags! more Gags! be they cloth,ball,bit or other. Besides that, excellent work, love your style and humor!


Teela (or other catgirls) in tight bondage! Plus, more colored art, please! This is some of the best I've seen in a long time! Just have to keep coming back (although I should leave more comments and such when I do) - Kethrian

A question about bondage witches...I take it this is sort of the opposite of Wonder Woman,whose physical prowess vanishes when her hands are bound, so that a BW's magical prowess ought to vanish when her hands are SEPARATED, right? I just think you should clarify when she can and cannot use her abilities.

I have to disagree with Kethrian. Catgirls are so overdone, especially in anime circles, as foxes are in furry ones. Stick with more exotic critters, or at least less common ones. How about more orc and half-orc thugs and hench-wenches? That one pic carried a lot of promise.

I agree with Wolflord, and to a certian extent with Polyroper. More spanking, yes, some whipping - used more sparingly - but also how about breast pinching-squeezing-clamping sorts of punishments?

I agree with Janine completely, more gags needed. Also, usage of rope has been simple and functional - how about shibari-style harnesses under (or in place of) costume? Not that there's anything truly wrong with the leather-and-metal approach that's been used so far...

In general, keep up the (ahem) good work.


More updates! This stuff is worse than drugs. ::smiles:: But seriously, your drawings are among the best I have ever seen, and it's deliciously wicked to be able to see what wonders your mind comes up with, the only suggestions I'd make are mainly ones that have been addressed already. Perhaps some focus on various punishments (especially spanking!) Gags are A+ in my book, and I simply adore how you've started to put storylines to some of the pictures (stories make a picture 10x better)

The dwarven smithing opens up a whole book of possibilities, and have you ever givin thought to "Gnomish Engineering"? Imagine bondage devices and punishment machines (swoon)! all sorts of mischief can be had with that (and you can always give it a "magical" element to keep it firmly rooted in a Fantasy world) -Myya

More sexy magical items! I love Eloina and her new clothes-destroying rings -- perhaps some one offs based on stuff like that? :) How about a wizardess and her long suffering slavegirl, forced to test out her perverted magical inventions?

I had a more in depth idea for a snotty, horrid princess who encounters a cursed necklace -- once she puts it on it turns into a diamond studded choker, which starts forcing her to act like a humble, polite, submissive slave-girl -- but only when someone else talks to her. As long as she's not interacting with people, she can act mostly normal (except the choker won't let her remove it or wear anything else, other than things she needs to be safe, such as sandals or an apron).

Her lady in waiting (a tall and cute -- but somewhat slow -- Paladin) and her set out on a secret mission to find a mage to break the choker.

In my mind, she runs around the countryside as her normal horrible, snotty, spoiled self, except whenever anyone asks her to do anything, she turns into a super sweet, humble as pie maiden, trapped doing whatever she's told -- until she finishes talking, wherein she turns back into her normal horrid self (but still keeps obeying whatever she was told). KiTA 22:16, 20 May 2007 (PDT)

Oh! What Myya wrote there just made my heart skip a beat. I've always loved bondagey arrangements that're severely more complex than they need to be, and I think Gnomes, as they've been depicted recently, would share that opinion. Rube Goldberg bondage, mmm! --Karyn

Would it be too weird to suggest bondage via body modification? Limbs embedded in the ground because they've been turned into plant roots, or in walls as lamp fixtures. Even temporarily missing or detached limbs -- no blood or even suggestion of injury, naturally.

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