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The Maid campaign is run using "Maid the Roleplaying Game" by Sunset Games, using rather liberal interpretations of the rules.

Game Master is Tuft, and players are Grigbertz/Scarlett and Cidri.


Combined Effort

When two or more individuals cooperate:

  • Take best result of those cooperating.
  • If opponent wins, the loser with the highest result takes the stress.


Maid Magic


Grigbertz' Gallery


NPCs, Mansion

NPCs, Jewel Kingdom

NPCs, Hakone

NPCs, School

NPCs, Theatre Club

NPCs, Mu

NPCs, Dreamquest

NPCs, Gathering

NPCs, Oni Valley



Princess of the Jewel Kingdom

Black maid uniform.

White hair, sky blue eyes.

Plays the guitar.

  • Maid Types: Boyish, Heroine
  • Special Qualities: Princess
  • Maid Roots: Returning a Favor
  • Stress Explosion: Binge
  • Maid Power: Hard Work, Absolute Maid
  • Athletics: 4
  • Affection: 2
  • Skill: 1
  • Cunning: 2
  • Luck: 0
  • Will: 4
  • Favor: 35
  • Items: PyrenĂ©ean Rose


15cm tall Fairy. Faithful family retainer.

Black maid uniform.

Beige hair, indigo eyes.

Plays keyboard.

Can turn into a magical sword when in in the hand of Beryl

  • Maid Types: Sexy, Lolita
  • Special Qualities: Fairy, Magic Sword
  • Maid Roots: Returning a Favor
  • Stress Explosion: Dark Cloud
  • Maid Power: Coercion
  • Athletics: 0
  • Affection: 3
  • Skill: 3
  • Cunning: 5
  • Luck: 3
  • Will: 2
  • Favor: 46
  • Items: Violet Rose

Maid Uniforms

  • Blue - Baths
  • Dark Green - Tech
  • Bright Green - Gardening
  • Red - Security
  • Black - General
  • White - Kitchen
  • Dark Grey - Transport
  • Violet - Accounting, Library
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